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Micropoint solutions by cyber hair

Micropoint Accents enjoy the benifits of no glues ,heats or bonds Its a micro sized bead (smaller than an earring back) that hold one hundred cyberhairs that is crimped onto your own hair. Cyberhair is a patented revolutionary created hair that behaves like human hair in many ways , is better than human in many ways. It loves water , It is absolutely natural and beautiful. It has a style memory,wont fade and is lighter and stronger than human hair. It truly has to be seen and felt to truly experience how natural and beautiful it really is.


Alopecia/Total hair loss

A full vacuum wig prosthesis is the most natural looking Hair piece (wig) available for women men and children alike. Each Hair piece is custom made from a plaster mold from the clients head to ensure a perfect fit. Hair is Available in all lengths the cap is breathable, the polymer expands and contracts as the temperature of your body changes. This keeps your head feeling comfortable, not to warm as to perspire. You can feel a brush ,a comb or or the stroke of a loved one hand across your scalp as you feel confident your hair is securely in place. The result of this new technology is the most natural looking comfortable hair replacement anywhere. These Exceptional hair pieces are to help those that suffer from total hair loss from chemotherapy,Alopecia Areata,Totalis ... Read More


Chemothrapy/Temporary hair loss/patchy alopecia/Thinning hair

Offering premium Hair pieces (wigs) for clients with temporary or permanent hair loss available in different lengths colors and style. Alopecia and chemoptherapy clients will love the comport of this cap They are lightweight and keep the scalp cool. The craftsmanship and styling is superb. You can Mimic mother nature with these superior hair pieces using only the finest virgin Russian hair all are hand tied of only the best quality products which are a direct reflection of your beauty. Pricing for these exceptional gems averages $1950.00



The Care Credit is a financing option offered to patients in need of hair replacement. There is several different plans ranging from 0% interest at six, twelve or eighteen months. Interest plans offered up to 48 months at competitive rates. The application process is offered online or telephone and approval is within seconds.


Your medical Insurance may cover your hair piece

When your hair loss is due to medical reasons Alopecia,Burns,Trichotillomania,Chemotherapy and others Consult your Dermatologist for Diagnosis at that time you can request a prescription . It is essential you always refer to your 'wig' as a 'full cranial prosthesis' and the prescription be written that way. After receiving a consultation for your prosthesis you would submit to your insurance provider the invoice from Advanced hair systems along with the prescription from your Dermatologist.


Non Surgical hair transplant

Micropoint links fills in where other extensions cant. Created for areas that are more visible, in this unique process the trained individual knots four Cyberhairs onto one single strand of growing hair. The knot it so micro tiny, the added hair feels acts ,behaves and just like the existing growing hair. The hair appears to be growing out of your scalp men and women alike enjoy this life changing service.

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Hair Extensions By Kim
Hair Extensions By Kim

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