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Frequently asked questions about hair extensions in Portland, Oregon.

Are they visible to others?

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With many different types of attachments, colors and sizes available. The hair extensions blend perfectly with your own hair.... only you will know you have Hair extensions.

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Benefits Of Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions can benefit clients wanting to add length fullness or shape as well as highlights and low lights without chemically processing the clients natural hair. With The Advanced hair systems you do not have to compromise the dexterity of your own hair.

There are pictures of clients in between take downs and re application that you can view and compare to their prior pictures in the photo gallery . So as to see the hair growth and maintained health that is retained during during wear.

Hair used for extensions that is not 'cuticle correct'. Which means the hairs when gathered are not all facing in the same direction as they grew from the scalp Is frequently stocked at public beauty supply houses , It can also be mixed with many types of hair,put through many chemical procedures Coated with silicons and waxes. To make it appear healthy.

After a couple weeks of wear these coatings will begin to wear off. This hair will begin to tangle and become dry and brittle a struggle just to comb and style every day. You truly get what you pay for. Based on the quality of the hair you are having applied...If the service is being done by a hair replacement technician, Customer service that is given,ability to be seen in a timely manner.

In order to receive the full wear time of your system and continuing for a year and beyond a 30 day check up is suggested .Advanced hair systems offers raw hair cut directly from many single ponytails from ... Read More

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How about color and texture of my hair?

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Any color or textures can be matched to blend with you own hair.

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How Do I Care For My Extensions?

How Do I Care For My Extensions?

Fallon Hawk shown here, with her hair extensions in blonde. You can have your hair colored or permed and style your hair like normal. Even use your favorite tools like flat irons and hot curlers.

How Long Do They Last?

How Long Do They Last?

With regular maintenance, the life of your hair hair extensions is up to you. Most people can go up eight weeks to three months before needing any service on their hair extensions . Depending on rather they wear weft,tape ins or strand by strand systems. And the hair is re-usable .

What about My Natural Hair? Damage?

What about  My Natural Hair? Damage?

Fallon Hawk shown here, with her awesome hair extensions. Damage to your natural hair is very minimal. Most clients find the extensions are easier to care for than their exsisting hair. Not having to flat iron curl or color as much and By washing it and styling less it gives your hair a break from daily stress.


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