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I truly cannot say enough good things about Kim and her expertise in hair extensions!

After Hair Extensions, front view

After Hair Extensions, front view

After Hair Extensions, side view

After Hair Extensions, side view

I truly cannot say enough good things about Kim and her expertise in hair extensions! I have wanted extensions for years and when I finally did it, I promised myself that in 10 weeks, when I was set to have them maintained, I would do a review so that newbies to extensions like me, could have the cold hard facts. So here there are! Also, I took pics from beginning to end but you have to click on the pics to read the captions (week 2, week 6, etc, etc.)

My hair type: Thin and fine, shoulder length, platinum blonde

1. INITIAL APPOINTMENT TO GET THEM DONE: Kim was quick and wonderful and really educated me on the proper care and maintenance. She is an expert in her field and it shows. I was given a goody bag of shampoo and conditioner (which I LOVE) as well as a Wet brush and polishing oil to keep the extensions looking their best. The finished product was fantastic! They looked gorgeous and natural! From the color matching to my own hair to the length, I was so pleased. (see pic)

2. GETTING USED TO THEM: I do everything in my extensions that I did without them; swim, drive with the windows down, put my hair up, curl it, straighten it, crimp it, wear it wet, blow it dry; whatever. Personally I found them very easy. I did the 16' extensions with tape. I don't find them hotter or heavier than my normal hair would be at this length and they are really comfortable. I can brush my hair and run my fingers through it very naturally. The only time I noticed tangling was at the very base of my neck and even that wasn't a big deal.

3. HOW LONG DO THEY STAY NICE? They definitely look their best the first month. Today I'm at two and a half months and I'm still really happy with them. (see pics) I definitely notice the tape a little bit more and it's a little trickier to blend if I'm wearing my hair up but mostly, they look just as beautiful as the day I had them done. I continue to receive compliments from everyone and all of my friends want them now, lol.

4. DO THEY FALL OUT ALL THE TIME? No. The first one I lost was at about 8 weeks. The few that I did lose (mostly when I was just out of the shower and was blowdrying my hair thereafter) made basically no difference. I really couldn't tell. With that said, Kim let me know that she's happy to put them in if they do fall out. Over the course of 10 weeks I've only lost 4. I personally just put them aside and will take them to my next appointment when we do maintenance simply because as I said, I can't even tell that any are missing.

5. WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OUT, DO YOU LOSE ALL OF YOUR OWN HAIR? Nope. This was my biggest fear because I have such fine, thin hair to begin with. As you can see from the pictures, my own hair looks great after taking them out. I wanted to show you the proof of limited hair loss I did have, again, just because I think it's nice to know as a newbie.

All in all I just have absolutely loved having extensions by Kim and only wish I'd done them sooner!

Jessecca S. of Bend, OR

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