Chi Chemical Straightening
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Amy styled after CHI and extensions / pre extensions after chi Amy styled after CHI and extensions / pre extensions after chi 
Amy hair is straight just styled with curls. She had the CHI hair Straightening prior to her 20 inch hair extension. Her before pictures are in this section.

The CHI permanent hair straightening system that I am certified in is a 3 to 4 hour process that uses a flat iron to iron
the hair t ... Read More
Chi Straightening System - Before Treatments Chi Straightening System - Before Treatments 
These pictures are Amy in the blue dress before her hair was straightened when it was short. Than I applied the extensions and put the ringlet curls in.
Hillary Japenese straightening Hillary Japenese straightening 
Now Hillary will only have curly hair when she wants to. No more unruly frizzy hair... Just in time for her August wedding congrats Hillary!


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